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How to add a new Repo in Cydia

If you have recently jailbreak your idevice then you are probably looking for new tweaks and themes for your iDevice. Here I will guide you on how you can add a new repo in Cydia to get new themes and tweaks compatible with the latest iOS version of your iDevice. You can add as many repos as you want. If you have not jailbroken your device until now then read this. How to Jailbreak your iPhone?

Why one Should Add new Repo in Cydia?

The default repos which are already added in Cydia doesn’t have all the new and important tweaks and themes. Also, many of the repos are outdated and contain packages for old iOS versions only. You can install packages from these repos if you are using the latest iOS version. That is why you add new repos in Cydia to get access to new packages that are compatible with the iOS version of your device.

There are plenty of new Cydia repos available at the moment. You can add different repos for modded games, themes, tweaks, and packages. Read Best and new Cydia repos for iOS12 & iOS 13. You can find here a complete list of new and best Cydia repos, and can download and install the latest packages for your latest iOS version.

How to add a new repo?

Steps shown here are tested on iOS 12.4. The same method can be used on any iPhone on any iOS version.

  • Open Cydia and Click on Resources.
Cydia Sources
  • Now tap “Edit” on the upper right corner of the screen, then tap on “Add”.
Edit Cydia Source
  • Write new repo which you want to add and click on “Add Source”. In my case, I am using C1d3r repo. You can write any new repo which you want to add.
How to add new Cydia repo
  • After, it will start verifying the URL. Once verification is completed, it will start downloading new packages from the repo you added recently.
Add new repo in cydia
  • Click on “Return to Cydia”.

That’s it. You have added a new repo in Cydia successfully. You can check your sources again to confirm that the repo has been added. Now browse it and download all the latest packages from the new repo you added recently.

Want to read more about Cydia? Read here. Cydia An Alternative App Store.

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