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Android vs iPhone: Top 11 Differences

Android vs Iphone

iPhone and Android both are types of smartphones. That provides the same facilities as calling function, capturing video and photo with cameras, surfing the websites over the internet, gaming and playing apps. Apple and Google two most popular companies that made history in mobile operating systems. These two most popular operating systems are owned by them. Apple created IOS that is available only for Apple’s iPhone devices. While the most famous operating system of Google is available for many mobile phone devices like as Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Sony, LG, Motorola and many more.

But both operating systems are not the same. Android and iPhone have significant differences. To compare an iPhone vs android phone here I listed some common differences between iPhone (ios) and android phones.

iPhone Vs Android Operating System

Apple iPhone is only available with Ios operating system. This unique OS is only available on the iPhone. That really made an iPhone to iPhone. While Android is developed by Google and available for many devices Because they have an official license from Google. We can’t install an android OS  to an iPhone (and vice versa). But we can only install themes of each others.

Apps and Apps Stores

Android vs Iphone

Both products have their own apps extensions like apple devices can only run IOS, and Android devices can only run APK. if we compare Android vs iPhone App stores then we can say the android store has more apps and games then apple. Apple has an AppStore with the name of AppStore for its iPhone devices. While Google has a google play store to its devices for download apps and games. There are also third-party app-stores available for android devices. While apple AppStore is cleaned and scanned from virus-infected apps. To run a third-party app on the iPhone, you must have a jailbroken iPhone.


Android vs Iphone

Apple provides a 90% more secure environment them android. Android devices can affect with malware more than an apple device. The reason is third party apps that are available for android and not for iPhone. iPhone devices have strong security like cloud id that is impossible to remove in case of a phone stolen or lost. iPhone data cannot be hacked and restore easily by a hacker. While android security is weak and data can be easily recovered in case of a phone stolen or lost.


Android vs Iphone performance

Apple OS is fast and lag-free as compare to  Android OS is not fast like an apple’s OS. Games and apps work more quickly on apple devices. There is no crashing of apps on Apple devices like android. iPhone company provides a long time supporting hardware to their devices with a good speed of ram and memory.

Battery capacity

Android devices have a good battery capacity than the iPhone. if we compare Samsung devices to the iPhone then they are far battered then iPhone in battery health. But both platforms are working on to improve battery health and capacity according to need.

Memory storage

Android vs Iphone storage capacity

Android devices are available to expand the internal storage by putting an external sd card. But this facility is not available for iPhone users. iPhone came with a specific available memory unit (like 16gb, 32gb, 128gb, 512gb ).

Software updates

Both companies fix the software issues day by day, but the software update support on ios is better and regular as compared to android devices. Apple also has a long time software support to their devices than android.


Android vs Iphone cost

Apple devices are very expensive in cost as compare to android. Apple always keeps eyes on rich people while android products are for all types of people.

Back button

Android devices are available with an aback button while the iPhone has no back button. Even in the new model of the iPhone, there is no home button support.


iPhone are always famous for their unique and stylish design. Even some companies make their mobile shapes like iPhone devices. Some Chinese companies also make the same copy (clone) of iPhone devices with android OS support.

Closed vs. open systems

Android devices are available with an open-source operating system. While the iPhone operating system is close source. Open source means they are available to edit, customize and update easily by developers to produce a custom version. While close source is the property of one organization and not available to customize.


The above difference clearly identifies the characteristics of both platforms. Now we can compare which one is better. According to my point of view, Apple devices are better if we want to keep our data secure and we want a better gaming experience. This can only happen if we update our mobiles with each new model. But it will be a costly experience. If we want to have a good quality product at a low cost then we must go for android devices.

Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section if you are an android or IPhone user.

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