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Cydia is an alternative AppStore for iPhone users. To use Cydia you must jailbreak your iDevice. After jailbreaking the device we can install mod games and apps, themes, tweaks, and many more from Cydia. To download these amazing stuff we must have the source of the repo for Cydia.

 Best Cydia Repos and Sources

 Actually Repo is a combination of tweaks and apps. That is created by developers and they link them with their private servers through the source (The link of Repo) in Cydia.

So we must add that repo before we use.

How to add a new repo in Cydia

  • Go to Cydia.
  • Click on sources.
  • Tap on edit and Add.
  • Then add the source of the repo in box and click on Add source.

You can also see the added source in Cydia from Sources.

Best Cydia Repos and Sources IOS 13

Here is a list of Cydia Repos with their Sources. These repos works perfectly on Ios 13, Ios 12, and lower versions.

1.      SparkDev Repo

@SparkDev_ developed SparkDev Repo for iPhone users to customize and change the look of their device.

SparkDev Repo source (

2.      BigBoss Repo

BigBoss Repo source (

3.      ReProvision Repo

ReProvision Repo Source (

4.      Cercube Repo

Cercube Repo source (

5.      Hackyouriphone Repo

Hackyouriphone Repo source (

6.      Kiiimo Repo

Kiiimo repo source (

7.      Packix Repo

Packix Repo Source (

8.      Appaddict Repo

Appaddict Repo source (

9.      iCleaner Pro Repo

iCleaner Pro Repo source (

10.   Julioverne Repo

Julioverne Repo Source (

11.   MacCiti Repo

MacCiti Repo source (

12.   Pandora Downloader Repo

Pandora Downloader Repo source (

13.   Stremio Repository

Stremio Repository source (

14.   Animationsbefast Repo

Animationsbefast Repo source (com.adamseiter.animationsbefast) or (

15.   Poke Go ++ Repo

Poke Go ++ Repo source (

16.   AppSync Repo

AppSync Repo source (

17.   Bubbles Repo

Bubbles Repo source (

18.   AppCake Repo

AppCake Repo source (

19.   Barmoji Repo

Barmoji Repo source (

20.   UnlimApps Repo

UnlimApps Repo source (

21.   Filza Repo

Filza Repo source ( After adding the repo search filza in search box.

22.   Zodttd Repo

Zodttd Repo source (

23.   Nepeta Repo

Nepeta Repo source (

24.   Notifica Repo

Notifica Repo source (

25.   Liberty Lite Repo

Liberty Lite Repo source (

26.   ModMyi Repo

ModMyi Repo source (

27.   Movie Box Repo

Movie Box Repo source ( After adding the repo search Movie Box and install that.

28.   Pirate Repo

Pirate Repo source ( After adding the repo you can get a few pirated apps freely.

29.   Eclipse 4 Repo

Eclipse 4 Repo source (

30.   HipStore Repo

HipStore repo source (

31.   Vshare Repo

Vshare Repo source (

32.   Xenhtml Repo

Xenhtml Repo source (

33.   Spotify++ Repo

Spotify++ repo source (

34.   Angelxwind Repo

Angelxwind Repo source (

35.   Xarold Repo

Xarold Repo source (

36.   Lockplus Pro Repo

Lockplus Pro Repo source (

37.   Cylinder Repo

Cylinder Repo Source ( After adding search Cylinder in search Box and install that tweak.

38.   Hack my iPhone Repo

Hack my iPhone repo source (

39.   ZodTTD repo

ZodTTD repo source (

40.   iCleaner Repo

iCleaner Repo source (

41.   Spotilife Repo

Spotilife Repo source (

42.   Tsprotector 8 Repo

Tsprotector 8 Repo source (

43.   Winterboard Repo

Winterboard Repo source (  Then search Winterboard and install that.

44.   I hacks repo

I hacks repo source (

45.   Snowboard Repo

Snowboard Repo source (( After adding repo search snowboard and install that.

46.   Xmodgames Repo

Xmodgames repo source (

47.   William Cobb Repo

William Cobb Repo source (

48.   Flekstore Repo

Flekstore Repo source (

49.   Snapchat++ Repo

Snapchat++ Repo source (

50.   IOS gods Repo

IOS gods Repo source (

51.   Cydia Eraser Repo

Cydia Eraser Repo source (

52.   Velox 2 Repo

Velox 2 Repo source (

53.   25PP Repo

25PP Repo source (

54.   Insanely Repo

Insanely Repo source (

55.   Coolstar Repo

Coolstar repo source (

56.   Karen’s Pineapple Repo

Karen’s Pineapple Repo source (

57.   Xsellize repo

Xsellize Repo source (

58.   Kodi Repo

Kodi Repo source (, (

59.   Sinful iPhone Repo

Sinful iPhone repo source (

60.   CokePokes Repo

CokePokes Repo source (

61.   Ryan Petrich Repo

Ryan Petrich repo source (

62.   Electra Repo

Electra repo source (

63.   Official mojo repo

Official mojo repo source (

64.   Myrepospace Repo

Myrepospace Repo source (http://cydia.myrepospace/iLEXiNFO)

65.   iFile Repo

iFile Repo source (

66.   Xbmc Repo

Xbmc Repo cydia source (

67.   Tateu Repo

Tateu Repo source (

68.   Biteyourapple Repo

Biteyourapple Repo source (

69.   Junesiphone Repo

Junesiphone Repo source (

70.   Hackulous Repo

Hackulous Repo source (

71.   Zeusmos Repo

Zeusmos Repo source (

If you face any problem or not working issues then comment below our team fill try to solve the issue.

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