Best Free Apple Watch Apps in 2020

Apple Watch is one of the best Smart Watch. These watches are available with iPhones to track your iPhones, see notifications and do other minor tasks. There are plenty of awesome apps made for your watch as well. In this article, I listed some of them for educational, fitness, weather, travel, social media, sports and games that can be helpful for you on your Apple watch. So let’s start.

Best Free Apple Watch Apps

These apps are totally free, and you can download them directly from App Store.

1.     Runkeeper : Free Fitness App


If you are a fitness lover then this app is perfectly made for you. Install this app on your apple watch and it will give you all your running statistics. Like how much distance you have covered in what time. The app supports playing the music during your walk, or notify you of the time. This app tracks your work out activity manually or with GPS like running, biking, or driving. You can track your phone from a far place. There is support for wireless earphones and integration of other fitness apps.


  • Track workouts
  • Set goals
  • Listen to audio
  • Follow a plan
  • Stay motivated
  • See progress

To download visit.

2.     iTranslate Translator

iTranslate Translator

This is an educational app available for apple watch. You can translate text, words and phrases in more than 100 languages. This app also provides the facility to a voice conversation. You can listen to the translated words or phrases in both male and female voices. The app has iMessage and keyboard extension for better conversation. iTranslate has a safari extension with the Camera lens to read on paper sentences.


  • Supports more than 100 languages.
  • Voice conversation.
  • Camera lens.
  • Keyboard and safari extension.

To download visit.

3.     SmartBP – Smart Blood Pressure

SmartBP - Smart Blood Pressure

SmartBP or Smart Blood Pressure is the best free app for apple watch on Appstore. You can monitor, analyze and keep track of your blood pressure. You can improve your blood pressure with the tracked record on this app. Also, you can sync your data with Apple HealthKit.


  • Record diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate.
  • Quickly add notes.
  • You can access all your stored blood pressure measurements.
  • Print PDF reports.
  • Add ECG records.
  • Backup.
  • Protect your data with credentials.

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4.     Weather Underground – Forecast 

Weather Underground - Forecast

With the Weather Underground app, you can monitor the weather changes on your apple watch. This is the best app freely available on AppStore for Apple watch. This app provides weather data for up to 10 days. You can see the temperature, climate and rain situation in your area. If you want accurate information according to your region then you can submit your exact location and the app will provide you accurate information.


  • The most interactive weather map
  • Interactive radar maps
  • Sophisticated weather visualizations
  • Accurate hyper-local forecasts
  • View Extended forecast up to 10 days.

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5.     Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft has developed a free app for instant language translation. This app is most suitable for apple watch because the user can speak and get the meanings in seconds. This app is available in offline and online mode. There are more than 60 languages available for translation. Microsoft translator can also read texts from Photos and screenshots.


  • Supports up to 60 languages.
  • Offline mode available.
  • Multi-person conversation translation.
  • Alternate translations and meanings of words.
  • Voice speak facility.
  • Safari extension support.

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6.     Forza Football – Live Scores

Forza Football - Live Scores

Are you a Football lover? If yes! Then this sport app is perfectly made for your apple watch. You can download this best app free on your apple watch from AppStore. You can see live scores and can get push notifications. Froza Football provides the score info of more than 560 football leagues and cups around the world. The app provides live poll where you can share your ideas and question with other football lovers. The developer of this app says they are working to make this app more and more useful with amazing features for people.


  • Live scores.
  • Push notifications.
  • Accurate updates compared to other football apps.
  • Opinion polls

To download visit.

7.     Uber


There is no need to use iPhone for Uber. Because it’s app is also available for your apple watch. Uber is available for more than 500 countries. If this facility is available in your city then don’t forget to install the app. With Uber, you can call a Taxi just from your watch. This app traces your location and you can also see the progress. The driver knows your location from the app info. You can also see the rating of the driver with his/her photo.


  • You can see the estimated arrival time of your driver.
  • Vehicle’s umber plate.
  • You can pay with credit card, PayPal etc.
  • You can rate your driver.

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8.     Twitter


Twitter is one of the most famous social media app. Now there is no need to watch your iPhone again and again for notifications because twitter is available for your apple watch too. You can see push notification and messages on your Apple watch. Twitter has official accounts of celebrities and officials. Therefore its the most used app in the world. Most people use to share their ideas and massage through a tweet. There is also the facility of a private message with followers.


  • You can see push notifications.
  • You can Read messages and can reply.

9.     Sleep++


Sleep++ is a perfect sleep app for Apple watch. With this app you can monitor ad trace your sleep data. You just need to wear your apple watch and in the morning you can see the chart info. This app measures your hand movement during sleep and determines how perfect you slept. You can add the sleeping and awaking time for your sleep.


  • Sleep++ integrates with the Health App.
  • Motion and health monitoring capabilities.

Visit to download.

10. Wordie


Wordie is a game that you can download from Appstore. This is a word guessing game. You have to guess a word from four pictures. There are more than 600 levels. If you stuck on a level then you can use hints or you can share on social media for help.


  • Word guessing game
  • More the 600 levels.
  • You can create your own puzzles.

To download visit.

11. VLC


VLC  is available for iPhone and Apple watch. You can stop and play music on your iPhone through VLC player from your apple watch. You can also see the playlists and can adjust the volume.


What are the best free Apple watch apps?

  1. Runkeeper
  2. iTranslate Translator
  3. SmartBP

Is there a free Sleep app for Apple Watch?

Yes, Sleep++ is a free sleep app available for Apple watch.

Can you download apps on Apple watch without iPhone?

Yes, there are many apps that you can install with iPhone on Apple watch.

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