Best keyboard apps for android in 2020

Best keyboard apps for android:

 Although all Android phones are available with built-in keyboard apps, but still there is a need to install a custom keyboard to boost typing speed. Sometimes you need a fancy keyboard to impress your friends or a keyboard that supports fancy emoji. I this article, I will show you some top and best android keyboard apps. You can choose the apps if you want to type with one hand or two hands.

So let’s begin.



If you are looking for all in one facility on a keyboard app, then you must try Gboard- The Google Keyboard. This app is developed by Google and available for various android apps. This keyboard app is also called the king of keyboard apps. Due to the fantastic support and updates from Google.


The most important feature of Gboard are following.

  • Glide Typing — you can type very fast by just sliding your finger on alphabets.
  • Voice typing — you can write the text with voice typing instead of pressing the buttons.
  • Handwriting — you can speed up your typing with large alphabets.
  • Emoji support — The keyboard has amazing emoji.
  • GIFs support— you can search and use GIFS in your messages.
  • Multilingual typing —The keyboard automatically detects your language and auto-correct your words.
  • Language— This keyboard support hundreds of languages.

To download visit GBOARD keyboard for android.

2.     SwiftKey keyboard

SwiftKey keyboard for android

Swift keyboard is another famous keyboard. Microsoft developed this keyboard app for fast typing. According to Microsoft, it learns your typing style to type fast. This keyboard is the best alternative to the Gboard keyboard. It has the same functionality as Gboard. And available to various android devices.

Why to choose Swift keyboard

Here I mentioned some key features of swift so you can determine to choose this one or not.

  • Best Swipe Keyboard
  • You can type a word by swiping the keys or by typing them. It has a powerful AI spell checker. Also, there are custom toolbars available.
  • Emoji Keyboard
    There are hundreds of emoji, and gifs are available. You can surprise your friends with them.
  • Themes
    There are 100+ themes available to customize the app according to your wish.
  • Multilingual Keyboard
    it supports over 300 languages, and you can add up to 5 languages at a time.

To download visit Swift keyboard for android.

3.     Fleksy: The Smartest Keyboard

Fleksy: The Smartest Keyboard for android

A very fastest keyboard, especially for those who want a speedy typing. This app is available for android 4.4 and higher devices. Flesky has an excellent look with the support of many features. I listed them below.

Why to choose Flesky the smart keyboard?

Yes you are looking for why I choose this app among other apps. So judge by these features.

  • Emoji keyboard
    it supports emoji. It gives you a suggestion during the conversation with the help of a powerful AI.
  • GIF keyboard
    this app has a large number of GIFs and sticker support that can make your conversation more attractive.
  • Custom keyboard
    you can customize the app with the help of beautiful themes.
  • Fleksy gestures
    With Fleksy keyboard app, you can swipe left to delete a word or swipe right to insert a space.
  • Mini-apps in your keyboard
    With the help of mini-apps in felsky, you can access hundreds of gifs and emoji.
  • Fast keyboard
  • This is the fastest keyboard app available for android devices.
  • Private keyboard
    with this app, your data is secured and safe as it doesn’t spy on you.
  • Over 45+ languages

It supports up to 45 languages.

To download visit Flesky keyboard for android.

4.     Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard for android

In the number 4, I mentioned the most important and must have a keyboard, yes I’m talking about Grammarly keyboard. Sometimes you are in urgent, and you are typing a vital mail or message, and you just ignored so grammatically mistakes. Then is keyboard will high light them to correct them. Because this has a very powerful AI tool to remove and correct grammar mistakes, this is essential for typing posts for social media.

Some key feature of this app are I listed below.

Why to choose Grammarly keyboard?

When you type grammarly automatically check your text for a clean and mistakes free text.

  • Clear and Effective Writing
    it has grammar, function, and spell checker.
  • Convenient and Fast
    it has Predictive text suggestions with Smooth integration for all apps. Very easy to set up
  • Improve Your Skills
    you can improve your skills and can avoid mistakes in the future.
  • Customizable for your needs
    it supports amazing themes and a personal dictionary.

To download visit Grammarly keyboard for android.

5.     Chrooma Keyboard – RGB & Emoji Keyboard Themes

Chrooma Keyboard - RGB & Emoji Keyboard Themes for android

Chrooma Keyboard is a lightweight and very fast keyboard app. This is famous for its beautiful design and colors. The color changes according to websites like for Google different and for Facebook different. Also, there is a dark mode available for typing in the night time. This app provides the same functionality as others.

Why to choose Chrooma keyboard?

The answer to your question is its amazing features. That I listed below.

  • Adaptive Themes
    a list of beautiful and attractive themes are available for this keyboard. You can choose your desired theme from them. It is also a smart keyboard
  • GIF search
    Available with beautiful gifs and stickers.
  • Emoji Support
    it supports automatically emoji suggestion, and also a huge number of iPhone and android emoji are available.
  • Colored Navbar
    chrooma automatically changes color according to the app.
  • Gestures integrated
    A lot of gestures available like to fast delete, delete all, move the cursor, fast selection, etc.
  • Multilanguage typing
    it supports many languages for typing
  • One Hand Mode and Split Layout
    has one hand mode for fast typing.
  • Gesture typing
    just swipe your finger over keys to type fast.
  • Night Mode
    A beautiful dark mode is available for the night time.

To download visit Chrooma keyboard for android.

6.     OpenBoard

OpenBoard for android

If you think your data is essential and you want to keep your conversation safe, so this app is perfect for you. OpenBoard is available as an open-source keyboard app. But it’s always updated by the support team. If you are an android developer, then you can make changes according to your desire as its source code is available on GitHub. The only problem with this app is, it doesn’t support the gesture typing like others.

Why to choose OpenBoard keyboard?

To keep your data secure you must try this app. This app is open source, the code is available here:


  • Open source
  • Spell correction
  • Themes
  • Emojis

To download visit OpenBoard keyboard for android.

7.     Ginger keyboard

Ginger keyboard for android

This is a fantastic keyboard app available for android devices. The functionality of this is similar to GBoard and swift. Ginger keyboard has themes, Gifs, emoji, and powerful Ai for correction of sentences. This is a perfect app for chatting.

Why to choose Ginger keyboard for android?

  • Grammar Checker and Spell Check
    Ginger has a tool for spell checkers and auto-correction of words.
  • Emoji, Emoji Art, stickers and Animated GIFs
    There are beautiful Gifs, stickers for chatting.
  •  Word Prediction
    It has a word prediction feature that gives make your sentence more accurate.
  • Themes
    for a beautiful layout, it has a large number of themes.
  • Emoji Prediction
    it predicts emoji during the conversation with powerful AI.
  • Emoji & GIFs Search
    Search for emoji and GIFs directly from the Ginger keyboard.
  • Swipe
    Just your swipe your finger on keys for fast typing.
  • Keyboard in-app games
  • It has built-in games like Squash (Pong-like), Snake, Copter or 2048 without leaving your keyboard

To download visit Ginger keyboard for android.

8.     Kika Keyboard 2020

Kika Keyboard 2020 for android

Kika is a beautiful keyboard available for the android platform. Used for fast typing and has a large number of beautiful GIFs and photo keyboard. Some famous features of this app are the following.

  • New Emoji Keyboard
    supports Emoji.
  • Sticker & GIF Keyboard
    has a lot of gifs and stickers.
  • Custom Keyboard & Photo Keyboard
    Personalize keyboard color, font, and critical press sound. Set a keyboard background with pictures from the gallery or camera. Resize keypad with one-handed mode and split keyboard. Layout for phone and tablet.
  • Fast typing
    with the help of gesture and autocorrect, you can type fast.

To download visit Kika keyboard for android.

9.     SMS keyboard

SMS keyboard for android

As the name shows, this is a perfect app for SMS and chat. It also provides the same functionality as others. You can type fast and mistakes free.

Main features of this app are follow.

  • Voice input
  • Advanced auto-correction & auto-suggestion engine
  • Gesture typing
  • Stylish Keyboard Sticker and Emoji Arts
  • Clipboard for multiple fast copy and pasts
  • Integrated emoji & word predictions

To download visit SMS keyboard for android.

10. SMS Black White Keyboard

SMS Black White Keyboard for android

It is a fancy and stylish keyboard app for fast typing. This magical keyboard can change the look of your android smartphone. Some features of the app are below.

Some other beautiful Android keyboard apps are here.





15. Typewise Keyboard

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