BigBoss Repo: The Best repo for awesome Cydia Tweaks

The BigBoss repo is one of the best Cydia Repo that holds thousands of best cydia tweaks, themes, addons, applications, dictionaries, games, wallpapers and a lot more. BigBoss repo has almost all themes and tweaks for different iOS versions ranging from iOS4 to iOS13. BigBoss repo comes pre-installed with your Cydia when you jailbreak your iPhone. But if for some reason you could not find it inside Cydia then you will find here how to add it.

Some Popular Categories added in BigBoss repo:

All of the apps, themes, tweaks or addons are categorized inside bigboss repo. So if you are going to install specific package for your iOS device then you can browse respective category and can find all packages related to that. Some the Popular are:

Repo BigBoss Addons:

There are plenty of Addons in this repo. Boot logo, Color Keyboards, Control Center widgets, Awesome Fonts, NotificationCenter Addons, Siri related addons, and many more. Some of the top categories added in thebigboss repository as below. Also Read: HackYouriPhone Repo: Another Awesome repo.

The BigBoss repository top categories list:

  • Applications
  • Carrier Bundles
  • Entertainment
  • Fonts
  • Games
  • Messaging Tweaks
  • Ringtones
  • Security related tweaks
  • System Tweaks
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers
  • BootLogo
  • ControlCenter
  • Dashboard
  • Siri
  • Zeppelin
  • Data Storage
  • Multimedia
  • Utilities
  • Widgets

How to add BigBoss repository in Cydia?

After you jailbreak your iPhone, you can see The Big Boss repo already is already added in sources of your cydia, because it is default repository of cydia. But if you have deleted BigBoss repo from Cydia or it is not there for certain reasons then do not worry. You can add this repo back by a few clicks. Follow this step by side guide for adding it back.

  • Open Cydia app on your device and Click on Sources.
how to add bigboss repo
  • Now tap “Edit” then tap on “Add”. And write the bigboss repo to add.
    • ” “
adding bigboss repo in cydia

Now it will start loading packages from repo. After a few seconds or a minute you will see that it is added successfully. Now you can start browsing Packages from bigboss repo.

BigBoss repo

Top Tweaks in Big Boss repo:

Here I am going to list some of the top tweaks that you can find easily and for free in bigboss repo.

BigBoss repo tweaks 2021 updated list:

  • Filza File Manager
  • iCleaner Pro
  • SnowBoard
  • Safari Plus
  • Cylinder
  • Carrierizer
  • Carrierizer2
  • HexaClock
  • BatteryInfo
  • FakeCarrier
  • Eclipse
  • Auxo
  • BatteryPeek
  • PowerDown
  • CCModules

You can browse more awesome Cydia tweaks here. Top 20 Cydia Tweaks.

What is the bigboss repo cydia source?

The BigBoss repo cydia source:

Is bigboss repo still usable in 2021?

Yes! the repo sources and files get updated on time. all new versions of the tweaks and apps compatible with newer version of iOS are added in the repo.

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