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Change Carrier Name on iPhone, All iOS Versions

Changing carrier name on your iOS device is kinda fun. You can rename it to No Sim, No Service, add a custom logo or write anything you want in place of text of carrier in your status bar. You can write name of another sim card which even doesn’t work in your country and prank your friends by calling someone using that sim card. There are actually many tweaks and apps available to change carrier name on your iPhone. I am going to list a few methods here, which will help you change it easily.

change carrier name
temperature in carrier name
change carrier text

Which iOS Versions and iPhones are Supported?

Almost all iOS versions and iPhones are supported. Here is a list of supported iOS versions to change carrier logo or text on your iPhone.

  • iOS 8
  • iOS 9
  • iOS 10
  • iOS 11
  • iOS 12
  • iOS 13
  • iOS 14

How to change carrier name on your iPhone or iPad (Jailbreak required)

The best method is to first jailbreak your iPhone and then install a compatible tweak to change carrier text. Here is a step by step guide for doing this. If you have not jailbroken your iPhone yet or don’t know how to do it, then read this Jailbreak your iPhone.

What is Carrierizer and Carrierizer2?

The tweak that we are going to use in this tutorial is Carrierizer. Carrierrizer is one of the best tweak for changing text of your carrier in status bar of your iPhone. You can even add iCon or emojis from available in your Keyboard. This tweak is available on TheBigBoss repo. When you Jailbreak your iPhone then theBigBoss repo is already added by default in Cydia. You can open Cydia, navigate to Sources tab and find it there. But still if it is not present there or is removed due to certain reasons then you can add it again by following steps on this page. How to Add BigBoss repo in Cydia?

Bigboss repo

Change Carrier Name on iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 & iOS11


  1. Open Cydia in Your Jailbroken device and Navigate to Search Tab.
  2. Search for Carrierizer and install it.
  3. Respring your iPhone and Open Settings, and click on Carrierizer Tab.
  4. Here you will find many options. Enable Carrier Text! and write whatever you want to show in place of carrier name.
search Carrierizer
Install Carrierizer
Carrierizer download

Change Carrier Name on iOS 12, iOS 13 & iOS14

For iOS 12 – iOS14 you have to search and install Carrierizer2 from Cydia. It is also available on the BigBoss repo, and functions same as Carrierizer. You can install it using above mentioned steps. You must respring your iPhone in order for the changes to take place.

install carrierizer
download carrierizer2
restart springboard

Other Options in Carrierizer and Carrierizer2 tweak

Carrierizer gives you a lot more options beside changing only text of the carrier. The other options are:

  • Change Carrier name or Carrier Logo to anything you want.
  • Change No SIM, No Service Text to anything you want.
  • Add custom icon or emojis in place of text.
  • Hide Carrier or text in status bar.
  • Hide Cellular icon.
  • You can even show a fake Dual SIM icon on status bar.
  • Show iP Address in the status bar.
  • Or change text to show Current temperature of your region.
  • You can even enable option to show your Current Location in Status Bar.
change carrier name in settings
carrierizer2 options
respring in settings
After enabling any of the above option you must respring your iOS device to see the changes.

Is there any alternative to Carrierizer2 Tweak?

Yes! there are many other tweaks available in the cydia store to change carrier name to any other text or icon in your iPhone. One of the Popular alternative is Zeppelin Tweak. This tweak also works the same way and can change text or icon of carrier to anything you want. You can open Cydia and navigate to Search tab. Search for zeppelin and install it. Explore and enable zeppelin options in the settings of your iPhone.

How to remove Carrierizer2 from Your iPhone?

  • Simply Open Cydia and tap on Search.
  • Search for Carrierizer2 to and click on modify. You can find modify option in the upper right corner of the cydia app.
  • Click on Uninstall and wait for cydia to remove all the packages related to Carrierizer2.
  • After it finishes click on Respring.

Carrierizer2 is successfully removed from your iOS device and all the default settings are back.

How to change carrier name on your iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak

There are not many apps or options to change carrier name on iOS Device if it is not jailbreak. But there is a third party app available which can change carrier name. The app is CarrierChanger12. CarrierChanger12 supports only iOS12 – iOS 12.1.2. It doesn’t support the older or newer versions of the iOS. So if you are on the above mentioned iOS versions or you cannot update, downgrade, or jailbreak your device then you can use this app to change carrier name or text in your iPhone without even jailbreaking your iPhone.



  • Install PandaHelper and search for CarrierChanger12.
  • Install it, Open settings => General and install profile.
  • You will see CarrierChanger icon in your homescreen now.
  • Open it and Change the carrier name.

Hope this guide helped you, but still if you face any issue or find something wrong with this tutorial then please let us know in the comment sections. We will try our best to assist you. Do not forget to explore a lot more awesome tutorials and articles in this site. Just try search box.

Can i Change Carrier name on my iPhone without Jailbreak?

Yes! You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to change Carrier Name, but all iOS versions are not supported at the moment. Only iOS 12 to iOS 12.1.2 are supported.

Which iOS versions are supported by Carrierizer tweak?

Carrierizer supports iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12.
While Carrierizer2 supports iOS 12, iOS 13 and iOS 14.

Where to download Carrierizer2 tweak?

Carrierizer2 can be downloaded from BigBoss repo in Cydia. The BigBoss repo is already added in Cydia by default.

Can i use custom icon and emojis too as carrier name in status bar?

Yes! Carrierizer and Carrierizer2 tweaks give you the option to put emojis or show current location or current temperature with a lot more options.

Can Carrierizer or other carrier change tweaks affect my network service?

No! it cannot affect your network service or internet access. But still if you think so then you can simply remove it and the default options will be back.

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