Best Cydia impactor alternatives

Cydia Impactor is the best tool to install and sign unofficial apps that are downloaded outside of AppStore. As we know Apple prevents installing apps outside of AppStore. But you can still download 3rd party apps from 3rd party sources. For this purpose most iPhone users use Cydia impactor but what if they are unable to use or the tool stop working. Then probably they are looking for Cydia impactor alternatives to sign IPAs.

Cydia impactor alternatives

Cydia impactor alternatives

Here are some amazing tools that are for installing and signing of IPA files on iPhone and iPad.



Appvalley is a perfect tool to download and install apps on the iPhone and iPad. You can download the app without jailbreaking your device.


  • You can download free and unlimited IOS apps and games.
  • You can download Cydia apps including emulators and tweaks.
  • Sign apps for 7 days.
  • No need for a computer.
  • Cross-platform app.



AltSigner is currently available for the Windows platform. This app is used to sign IPA files on iPhone using your Apple ID and password. This is a new app that you can download and run your windows PC. You can install sideload apps with the help of this if Cydia Impactor is not working for you.

This is a free IPA signer tool for iPhone. You must have a windows Pc, Apple ID, and IPA file that you want to Sign. This is very easy to use app signer. Be sure to have the latest version of iTunes to use this app. You can sign 3 at a time with the help of this. This tool automatically revokes apps and there is no need to manually.

After 7 days of signing an app, you must sign that again by connecting your phone with PC. Repeat the steps again but there is no need to delete and install the app again.

If you have Two Factor Authentication enabled on your Apple Id then you must provide 6 digit



25PP tool is developed by Chinese developers and the language of this tool is also Chinese. Therefore it’s a bit difficult to use this for other users. But it supports some extra features than other tools.


  • With this tool you can  install unofficial apps and games.
  • It can take Backup of your IOS.
  • You can remove temp files to make your phone faster.
  • Helps you download the latest IOS version



ReProvision is used to sign the apps that are downloaded from external sources (other than App Store) and prevents them from expiring after 7 days. It is an app that you can install from Cydia store on your iDevice after jailbreak. There is no need to revoke the apps again and again because this tool automatically signs IPA files on your IOS 12 and 13. You can use this instead of Cydia impactor.

ReProvision is a tool developed by Matt Clarke for signing the IPA files that are downloaded from 3rd party sources. Matt Clarke Tweeted a tweet about the working of the Repo. Therefore a new hope starts after the support of the developer.

There is no need to have an Apple ID to install the apps on your iDevice. Sometimes you need to install an app from outside of the app store. To avoid the expiration of that app after 7 days you must have this awesome tool installed on your iDevice.

After downloading the app from safari or any other source you can set the limit of days to show the message before expiring of an app. You can also check the status of expired and signed apps and games.



3utools is a perfect tool with amazing features for iPhone. You must try this tool if you want to install apps outside of AppStore.


  • You can see status of your iOS device.
  •  Jailbreak status.
  • Device activation.
  • The battery life of your device.



AltStore is used to install custom IPA files into your iPhone and iDevices.  This famous app is developed d by Riley Testut to sign IPA files that are downloaded outside of the Apple AppStore. Whenever you face problems or issues to install apps with Cydia impactor then you can try this app. The most important thing is that it works fine with IOS 13.

AltStore is an app that is available for Mac and Windows platform that allows you to sideload apps on your iDevices with the help of your Apple Id. It means you can install IPA files from your safari browser or other 3rd party sources.

This app automatically sends a certificate to a server called AltServer to resign apps. There is no need to refresh apps after seven days as it automatically refreshes them in the background with the help of an active internet connection. There is no need to jailbreak your device to use this app.

code to the app to use.


altdeploy cydia impactor alternative

AltDeploy is currently available only for Mac users. This is used to sign IPA files and sideload Packages to IOS devices. This is base o AltStore. With the help of this tool, you can install and sign IOS apps and games that are downloaded outside of AppStore.

With AltDeploy you can also sideload jailbreak tools like Electra, Unc0ver, and Chimera without revoking their certificates.

The working method of this tool is similar to AltStore. You can sign IPA files with Apple ID and Password.

Super Impactor

super impactor

Super Impactor is designed for windows to sign unlimited apps for iPhone. The functionality is the same as Cydia impactor and it supports all Cydia apps. This is very easy and simple to use. There is no need to jailbreak your device to use this tool.



nullxImpactor a tool similar to other IPA signer tools. It signs those apps that are hosted on a website. You can generate a working certificate for the app with the help of your apple id and password. It works on any device with IOS 13 and below.

You can sign an app for 7 days with a limit of 3 apps per device. Be sure to resign the app after 7 days. nullxImpactor is similar to AltDeploy and the installation method is the same.

AppSync Unified

AppSync is a perfect alternative to Cydia impactor. There is no limit of 3 apps to install per device with 7-day certificate. You can clone your downloaded apps with AppSync. You can install and sign unlimited apps with this tool.

Final Words

These all Cydia impactor alternatives (that are mentioned above) are tested and works perfect for IPA signing and installing. You can also try them. In case of error or any help comment below our team will try to solve your problem.

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