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Cydia impactor: How to Download and use it? Windows & MacOS

Cydia impactor is a tool developed by Saurik. This tool is used to install third-party iOS apps to the iPhone and iPad (iOS Devices) and APK files (Apps and Games) to Android devices. This process is called sideloading. There are many third-party app stores that let you download and install iOS apps directly to your iPhone. Cydia impactor helps you to install those Stores to your iPhone.

Cydia impactor

Cydia impactor is developed for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. iTunes is widely used to install iOS applications to the iPhone and iPad. But it is quite a hard process and many new users do not know how to use iTunes to install apps. There are also many other alternatives to iTunes like iTools, iFunbox, vShare, etc. But the easiest way to install an app is to drag and drop it in Cydiaimpactor.

You can also install many untether Jailbreak applications to your iPhone. You have to download IPA files from the internet or from any third-party app provider first then install it. Also Read: Cydia: An Unofficial App Store

How to download Cydia impactor?

Cydia impactor is a free tool, you don’t have to pay for it to use it. You can use these direct links to download it for any platform.

How to install Cydia impactor?

Here I am using a MacBook to install it. But you can use the same method to install it on any platform. You can download .exe file on windows and simply install it.

  • Download .dmg package from the above link and double click.
  • Drag and drop Cydia impactor icon to Applications folder of your Macbook.
drop cydia impactor to applications

That’s it. Cydia impactor is installed successfully on your Macbook.

How to use Cydia impactor?

For installing IPA files, you must install iTunes first. So that your device gets detected by the computer. In macOS, iTunes comes pre-installed. In Windows, you can download iTunes from here. If you are going to install APK files then you must install Android device drivers. If your device isn’t detected even after installing the drivers then you can use the impactor’s USB Driver Scan feature to install them.

Run Cydia impactor application from your Application folder. It will give you a warning that “‘impactor’ is downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?” Do not worry about this warning. Just click on “Open” to run it.

Cydia impactor warning
  • To install an IPA app or game, you have to simply connect your iDevice to your computer. Make sure your device is detected by the impactor.
  • Now drag and drop the app which you want to install to the impactor’s window.
cydia impactor
  • It will ask you to write your Apple ID. Write any Apple ID and click “OK”.
write appleid
  • Now it will ask you to write the password of the Apple ID. Click OK.
write password
  • Finally, after verifying your Apple ID and Password, it will install the app.

2-Factor Authentication enbaled?

If your Apple ID is secured with 2-factor authentication, then you will need to create an app-specific password to install app using that Apple ID.


You can log in to and go to the Security Section of your Apple ID and create an app-specific password. Then write that newly created password in the password box and it will install the app.

app-specific password

After installation go to settings -> General -> Profiles and Device Management -> Profiles. and tap on the certificate for the app you installed recently. Tap Trust and close Settings.

Trust certificate

You can use the recently installed app without any issues now.

To be mentioned: If you use an ordinary Apple ID then the applications which you will install will expire after 7 days. Then you will need to sideload the application again using Cydia impactor. But if you are using an Apple Developer account then the applications installed through Cydia impactor will work for 12 months. After 12 months they will expire and you will need to install them again.

Main Features for Android Devices:

  • Rooting Device: You can use Cydia impactor to root your android device up to version v2.3.
  • Install Drivers: With the help of the Built-in USB Drivers Scan feature, you can install drivers for your android phone.
  • Package Manager: With the help of impactor you can install different types of packages to your phone.
  • Unlock Bootloader: The bootloader of your android device can be locked or unlocked.


Is it safe to use Cydia impactor?

Yes. It is completely safe to use Cydia impactor. As it does not store your Apple ID or password. Also, there is no chance that it will harm your device or its software.

Can I use it without jailbreaking my iDevice?

Yes, You can use it without Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. Mostly it is used on Jailbroken devices because those have low chances of installing unsigned apps from third-party app providers.

Facing Error provision.cpp. You need to update to xcode 7.3 or later.

Many users are facing this error recently when they try to sideload jailbreak apps like unc0ver or chimera. Saurik (Developer of Cydia impactor) recently made a tweet about the issue and told that he will fix this issue in December. If you are using apple developer account then you won’t see this kinda error

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