Cydia: App Store for all iOS versions [Download & install]


We can say that Cydia is an alternative to Apple App Store, as it gives you access to thousands of tweaks, themes, and packages to customize the look of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Cydia was first released in Feb 2008 by Jay Freeman (saurik). It has thousands of unofficial applications as well.

Why should you install Cydia?

If you have an iDevice, then you already know that you can’t do much with the official Apple IOS, as Apple does not allow you to modify or customize it. Android users can easily customize the look of their smartphones as they want it. Similarly, many Apple users also want to have the same functionality with their iDevices. This is where Cydia helps you.

download Cydia

Cydia is a third-party package manager that lets you install unofficial apps, themes, and tweaks. It lets you change fonts, icons, the lock screen of your device, and much more with different packages and tweaks. You can even download many modded games. You can install different download managers which give you access to download unlimited files, music, and documents (as there is no official download manager for IOS Devices). With the help of Cydia, you can even change the default ringtone for incoming calls, messages, or emails. You can even do much much more with the help of Cydia.

How to Download Cydia and install?

if you want to install Cydia on your iPhone, iPad, or other IOS device, then you have to jailbreak your device first. It is a process that modifies Apple’s official IOS to remove restrictions and gives you greater control of your device. Jailbreaking your device gives you access to the root filesystem of your device, which is not possible in stock OS. In most cases cydia gets installed automatically as soon as you jailbreak your iPhone but if you did not see Cydia icon after jailbreaking then you can see jailbreak app to check if you have enabled “install cydia” option already or not.

Download Cydia without Jailbreaking your iPhone.

It is also possible to download and install cydia without jailbreaking your iPhone. Cydia is available on third party websites and sources. You can visit those webs and click on install cydia. It will check if your device is compatible or not. Then it will install a profile in your iPhone. You can trust that profile from settings of your iPhone. After that you can see Cydia icon on your home screen.

How to Jailbreak your iOS Device?

It is easy to jailbreak your iOS device. There are many different tools available to jailbreak different iOS versions. To jailbreak iOS 12, iOS 13 & iOS 14 we use Checkra1n. Checkrain is a popular jailbreak tool and gets updated to support latest iOS versions. Read this to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreak your iPhone on iOS 13 & iOS 14.

The recently available tools for jailbreaking iOS 12 are Chimera and unc0ver. Both tools can jailbreak IOS 12.0-12.2 and IOS 12.4. You can follow official documentation for jailbreaking on their official websites.

Read here => How to Jailbreak Your iPhone.


Is jailbreaking iPhone safe?

Jailbreaking your iPhone is not a dangerous process; it can not brick your IOS device. But the worst thing which can occur is resulting in your device in DFU or black screen mode. And you can fix it easily by a hard reset. Even if you damage the complete file system of your device, still you can give it life by restoring it to official Apple IOS firmware.

Is jailbreaking your iPhone legal?

Jailbreaking your iPhone is not an illegal process. Every Apple user can jailbreak his/her device, as you have a complete right to do whatever you wanna do with your device. Jailbreaking your device voids its warranty. It is clearly mentioned by apple “unauthorized modification of iOS is a violation of the iOS end-user software license agreement.” But do not worry, restoring your IOS device with official IOS firmware from apple makes it a new device again. There won’t be any traces of a jailbreak anymore.

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