Filza : Best File Manager for iPhone & iPad

Filza is a powerful file manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch giving you the access to browse the files on your iDevice. The best thing about filza is that if your iPhone is Jailbroken then it gives you access to root files too. In other words you can get root level access and manage system files too with the help of filza.

Filza File Manager

Filza file manager is developed and released by Tigi Software. There are many different versions are released up to date. The team is continuously updating the software to support the latest iOS version and to fix the bugs reported by the users. You can use Filza on iPhones, iPod touch and iPad devices.

filza file manager

Filza iOS 14 Support?

The latest release of the filza support all iOS 14.x versions. So you can install it directly on your iOS 14 jailbroken device from Cydia. Following iOS versions are supported.

Filza is Compatible with iOS 7 – iOS 14.x devices.

  • iOS 7.x
  • iOS 8.x
  • iOS 9.x
  • iOS 10.x
  • iOS 11.x
  • iOS 12.x
  • iOS 13.x
  • iOS 14.x

Filza Repo / Filza Cydia Source

Filza can be download and installed from theBigBoss repo. This repo is already added in the list of your Cydia sources by default when you Jailbreak your iPhone. All latest releases of the software are being uploaded there, and you can get access to it anytime. The other repo for the filza file manager is the tigisoftware repo. This repo is the official repo by the filza developer team.

Filza Repo:
Filza Cydia Source:

Filza Download: How to install?

  • Add one of the above Cydia repo and navigate to search.
  • Write Filza File Manager and click on it.
  • Click on install. [upper right corner of the screen].
  • It will install all dependencies and will be finished downloading in a few seconds.
  • Click on return to Cydia.

The Filza File Manager will be installed successfully on your iOS device. You can press home button and find it on your Home Screen.

filza downlaod

Filza Features:

Explore files easily with multiple view options.

Rename, Copy/Move all type of files from one folder to other.

Compress files and folders into Zip. Extract Compressed files of the type zip/rar/tar/tar.gz/gz/7z easily with filza.

Delete, import or export files from other applications into filza.

You can even download different files with the help of filza.

Supports Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud services.

Filza deb / Filza IPA

You can install Deb/IPA files easily with the help of filza. You can even extract them to see more information about the file.

Execute Shell Scripts. And view db files with the help of SQLite Editor.

There are different File viewers added in filza.

  • Image Viewer
  • QuickLook
  • Web Viewer
  • Property List Editor
  • Text Editor
  • Terminal
  • SqLite3 Editor
  • Zip Viewer
  • Hex Editor
  • Media Player

How to use Filza?

If you are going to open a file from another application, then you can click on sharing icon and select open with filza. This will copy the file into filza and you can see it there.

If you are going to find a system file to modify it a bit, then simply open Filza, Click on search and search for it. It will bring all the results in front of you in a few seconds.

Do Filza supports iOS 12?

Yes, it supports all iOS versions.

Is filza available for free or it is paid?

It is paid, but a free trial version is also available, that has almost all the features that the paid version contains.

What is Filza?

Filza is the most powerful file manager for iOS devices giving access to the root level and system files in your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

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