GBA Emulators for Android

As we know android is one of the best and well known operating system used in many smartphones nowadays. Therefore people are always in search to have their favorite games and apps just in one place. To solve this problem developers are always developed specific software. Emulators are also one of the best thing to play games on android devices.

With the help of GBA emulators, we can play GBA games on Android devices. There is no need to buy the console because now its easily possible to download and install the emulator on your android smartphone.

Best GBA Emulators for Android

GBA Emulators for Android

Here we listed some top-rated emulators. These emulators are tested by our team members and work perfectly. Due to freeware and open source they are totally free. And there is no copyright issue in using them.

There are some best GBA emulators that you can download to play games.


  • These emulators turn your Android device into a gaming console.
  • You can play many GBA games.
  • There is continuous developer support for these emulators.
  • These emulators are open source therefore they are safe.
  • Provide a real environment like consoles.
  • There is a save state and load state facility.


What is the best GBA emulator for Android?

Although all the above-mentioned emulators are best but My Boy! Is one of the best emulator to play GBA games on Android.

How do I play GBA emulator on Android?

Click on above emulators then you will find download and installation method on android devices.

Can you play GBA games on GBA emulator?

Yes, after downloading and installing the emulator you have to download the ROM and add that into your emulator.

Are GBA emulators for Android legal?

Yes, emulators are legal and open source. You can use them without any fear. Even you can make changes if you know programming.

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