GBA Emulators for MAC

As we know GBA is the most famous gaming console due to its games. No matter which system you have Mac or windows you can play GBA games on them. Especially when you have a MAC you can also rum many GBA emulators.

 Here I listed some top rated emulators that you can get.

Best GBA Emulators for MAC

GBA Emulators for MAC

These emulators are open source and freeware. You can get them freely without any cost. You can play GBA, GBC and GB games. For the downloading click on any of the following.

How to use

To use these emulators first of all install them on your MAC. After that download GBA ROMs. Save these ROMs into a folder and run the emulator. You will see an option to load ROM. Go to that folder where you have ROMs downloaded and select one. Now you can play them.


  • Free of cost.
  • Turns your MAC into a GBA console.
  • Open source and freeware.
  • Functionality is more than a console.
  • Save state and load state functions.
  • Multiplayer support
  • Sound Emulation

Pros and Cons

Some common Pros and Cons of using a GBA emulator on Mac are follows:


  • Support Cheat codes.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • You can record your gameplay.


  • Advance features are missing.
  • Couldn’t work as a console.


What is the best GBA emulator for Mac?

  1. Boycott Advance
  2. mGBA
  3. OpenEmu
  4. VBA-M

Is GBA emulator for Mac safe?

Yes, these emulators are developed by trusted developers. So we can say they are safe. But remember don’t download from unknown websites for security.

Is GBA emulator for Mac legal?

All emulators are legal. And GBA for mac is also legal to use because these emulators are open source and freeware. That means they are available free of cost and can be share freely.

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