GBA Emulators for Windows (PC)

PC is one of the best thing for gamers. Because they can play all types of games with the help of emulators. When it came up to windows then there are many games, apps, and emulators are available. As we know Windows is a mostly used operating system in PCs.

If you are looking for the best GBA Emulator for Windows then you came to the perfect place. You can download one of the best emulator from below.

 GBA Emulators for Windows

GBA Emulators for Windows

You must have a good system if you want to play emulator games on the PC. There are additional features and functions that you couldn’t find in consoles. You must have game ROMs to play them.

Here is a list of top rated emulators just click on one of following for the download.


  1. You can play any GBA game on your Windows.
  2. It supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  3. These emulators are freeware and open source.
  4. There is an option to save state and load state.
  5. No need to buy the real console.
  6. There are many games that are available for the emulator.


What is the best GBA emulator for Windows?

  1. BizHawk
  2. NO$GBA
  3. BatGBA
  4. RetroArch
  5. VBA Link

How do I get a GBA emulator on my PC?

Download the emulator from the above links and install that. Then download GBA games from the internet and add them into the emulator to play.

Is GBA emulator for windows safe?

No need to worry because these emulators are totally safe for windows platform. You can use them and even modify them if you know to program.

Are GBA emulators for windows legal?

Every emulator is legal and freeware. You can find their source code on Github. And yes these Windows emulators are also legal.

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