Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators

Everyone is Nintendo lover because of its consoles and the all-time amazing games. Game Boy Advance (GBA) is one of the best Nintendo emulator. Therefore it has a number of lovers who still want to play their favorite games.

Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t support this console anymore therefore some developers developed GBA emulators for the playing of GBA games. Here you can find this emulator for almost all platforms.

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance is an updated version of Game Boy Color (GBC) console. GBA is a 32-bit sixth generation video game console released in Japan on March 21, 2001. Later on, it was released for other regions too. The advanced version of this called SP.

Technical specifications

  • CPU:

16 MHz 32-bit RISC-CPU + 8-bit CISC-CPU

  • Memory:


  • Screen:

Reflective TFT Colour LCD

  • Screen Size:

 40.8 mm x 61.2 mm

  • Resolution:

 240 x 160 pixels

  • Display Ability:

 32 000 colours

  • Sound:

 Mono speakers, stereo headphones

  • Multiplayer Options:

Up to four GBAs, up to two GB/GBCs

  • Power:

 Two AA batteries, or battery pak

  • Battery life:

 15 hours for batteries, 10 hours for battery pack

  • Dimensions:

 82 mm x 144.5 mm x 24.5 mm

GBA Emulators

GBA Emulators

GBA emulators are used to play GBA games on Smartphones, PCs, or on other consoles. These emulators are open source and freeware. Therefore you can use them without any cost. As I mentioned above there is no Nintendo support for GBA so it’s hard to find these consoles. Therefore these emulators enable your device to play GBA games.

Following are some list of emulators with their platform. You can download and install them from below:





Mac OS X

Nintendo Wii



  • UO gрSP Kai
  • gpSP

Xbox One


Features of GBA Emulator

Features of GBA Emulator

Some key features are following:

  • These emulators are totally free to use and share.
  • You can play almost all games on your favorite platform.
  • There are facility like save state and load state that you couldn’t find in console.
  • The real console doesn’t support anymore by Nintendo but these emulators are getting support by its developer team.
  • There are many games are available.
  • These emulators are light weight and can be easily used.

Pros and Cons of GBA emulator

Some common pros and cons are following:


  • There is are options to save the game on a specific state and load the game from exact that location. You can save game on different states.
  • There is also option to insert cheat codes easily.
  • Emulators enables to play one console’s games to other console.


  • They are not smooth like the real console.
  • You may face lag in gameplay.
  • Controls are a bit uncomfortable unless you have a game pad.


What is the best GBA emulator?

All the above-mentioned emulators are best and tested by our team. You can play your favorite games on different platforms. But some best GBA emulators are following:

  1. My Boy!
  2. NO$GBA
  3. GBA4IOS
  4. Mednafen
  5. mGBA

Is GBA Emulator safe?

Yes, they are totally safe. Because they are open source and a person with programming knowledge can make changes according to their wish.

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