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HackYouriPhone Repo: For best apps, themes, and tweaks

If you have a jailbroken iDevice, then you have Cydia already installed. The next thing you want is the best tweaks, themes, and apps from Cydia. With the help of Cydia Packages Manager, you can search and install hundreds of modded apps, themes, and tweaks. There are many different Cydia Repos, which give you access to different packages. Hackyouriphone Repo is one of the best repos to be present on your iPhone.

Hackyouriphone Repo:

Hack Youri Phone Repo is the collection of one of the best themes and tweaks for different IOS devices. You can download Live Wallpapers, HD Themes, Ringtones, Icon Packs, Lockscreen Themes, Applications, and best Tweaks. In addition to other Cydia Repos, hackyouriphone repo is one of the most popular, and widely used repo. You can check the official website for the latest releases and packages here.

Repo.Hackyouriphone for Cydia

You can add this Cydia Source:

How to add HackYouriPhone repo to Cydia?

Adding a new repo in Cydia is not a big job. You can add any new repo in Cydia by following these steps.

  1. Open Cydia and Tap on “Sources”.
  2. Tap “edit” and after this Tap on “add”.
  3. Now write URL of the repo, which is “” and Tap on “Add Source”.
Cydia Sources
HackYouriPhone Repo

After this Cydia will start verifying the URL. It may prompt a warning, but you can tap on “Add Anyway” and it will start updating sources.

Return to Cydia

Once done, tap on “Return to Cydia” and you will be back in the Sources directory. You can see now that the new repo is added successfully. Click on HackYouriPhone Repo and browse different packages. You can even search for any tweak or package you are looking for. This Repo is mostly used for HD Themes and wallpapers. It has Themes and tweaks for both iPhone and iPad.

HackouriPhone Repo

So these were the simple steps through which you can add any repo to Cydia. Some other most popular repos are below.

  • App Cake Repo: “”.
  • BiteYourApple Repo: “”.
  • iHacks Repo: “”.
  • SinFuliPhoneRepo: “”.
  • Insanelyi Repo: “”.
  • CoolStar Repo: “”.
  • Modmyi Repo: “”.

Above mentioned all repos contain many awesome themes and tweaks.

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How to install a tweak or app using cydia?

  • Simply open cydia and click on “Search” tab.
  • Now search for the tweak or app you are looking for.
  • Click on it and check if it is compatible with your iOS version and device or not. If it says it is compatible with your iOS version then click on Install on upper right corner.
  • Cydia will start installing the app. Once installed, it will ask you to respring the device.
  • Click on Respring and your idevice will soft reboot.
  • That’s it, the app or tweak is installed successfully.

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