How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac & Vice Versa?

With the help of AirDrop you can also share files, documents, contacts, memos and Photos from iPhone to Macbook and from Macbook to iPhone. AirDrop use the built in Wifi and Bluetooth in your Mac and iPhone to share the docs wirelessly without internet.

Airdrop from iPhone to Macbook and vice versa

How to Turn On AirDrop on Mac?

  • On your mac, Click on Finder and then Click on AirDrop.
  • In the bottom of the AirDrop Screen you will see three options:
    • Receiving off => It means the AirDrop is turned off.
    • Contacts Only => It means to send and receive files with contacts only.
    • Everyone => It means you can send and receive files to everyone using AirDrop.
  • You can select the option “Everyone” or “Contacts only”.

Turn On AirDrop on iPhone

  • On your iPhone Open Settings App.
  • Tap on General > AirDrop and Select Contacts only or Everyone.
  • The AirDrop will be turned on.

The AirDrop is turned on both devices and you are ready to share files.

AirDrop from Mac to iPhone

  • Open Finder and click on AirDrop.
  • You will see all available devices there. Drag the Photos, Files or documents you want to share with the iPhone and drop on the icon of your iPhone in the AirDrop window.
  • You will see a popup on your iPhone. Accept that and the files will be opened in the respective app that you choose.

It is that easy. the files will be shared successfully to your iPhone and you can access them easily now.

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AirDrop from iPhone to Macbook

  • Open Settings > General > AirDrop on your iPhone and choose Contacts Only or Everyone.
  • Open the app from where you want to share the files. If you want to share picture then open photos and select all the photos you want to AirDrop.
  • Tap on share icon and Select AirDrop from the list of Options.
  • You will see all available devices there, Click on the icon of your mac.
  • The photos will be sent instantly to your Mac. A popup will be displayed on your mac and you can open the files directly there.

Using these simple steps you can share files easily from iPhone to Mac.

Where do AirDrop Files go on Mac?

The default folder to store files and documents shared by AirDrop is Downloads folder. So whatever file you share to your mac using AirDrop, it will be saved in “Downloads” folder of your mac. Open Finder and click on Downloads. You will see all latest files received by airdrop there.

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You can share docs, pics and files using AirDrop from your iPhone to Macbook and from macbook to iPhone instantly. You can also share websites and contacts.

Is it possible to share websites using AirDrop?

Yes, you can also share websites with other iPhones or MacOs using AirDrop option.

Can i share contacts using AirDrop?

Yes, you can share contacts too with AirDrop. Select the contact you want to share, click on share and choose AirDrop, tap on the icon of the iphone you want to share with. The contact will be sent instantly to the other device.

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