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How to Change AirDrop Name on Mac

The AirDrop name is the name of your mac computer that other people can see on their AirDrop screen during sharing files or other documents. Where do you find that name? The name of your macbook is actually the name of your AirDrop too. Means changing mac computer name also changes the AirDrop name.

change airdrop name on mac

Why Should i Change my AirDrop Name

In many cases most of the computers have same name. Like if you have a macbook pro, there are chances that the name of your computer is also Mackbook-Pro. If you are going to share files and docs with other through AirDrop and there are many other computers also available on the network with AirDrop turned on. Then how will you find the one you are looking for if many of them have same name? This is the reason you want to change your AirDrop name to make it unique one. So how to change it?

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Here are simple steps to change AirDrop name on your mac.

  • Click on Apple Logo in menu bar. (On the upper left corner of screen in desktop).
  • Click on “System Preferences” and the preferences screen will be opened.
  • Search for Sharing and click on it.

system preferences mac
sharing icon mac
  • There you will see a text box of the computer name.
  • Click on it and rename it to anything you want.
edit airdrop name on mac

Thats it. You have successfully changed the AirDrop Name of your mac computer.


The AirDrop name of the macbook can be changed easily from system preferences, and the new name will be visible to all other devices sharing files with you on AirDrop screen.

Is it possible to change AirDrop name on mac?

Yes, the name of the macbook is also the name of AirDrop, and can be changed easily.

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