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How to Change Macbook Name? Easy Steps

Every Macbook has a name, yes you read it right. When you use Airdrop or other sharing apps and networks then your mac is discoverable to others through its name. You can easily change name of your macbook in a few steps, to give it a unique or attractive name.

change macbook name

Why should I Change my Mac Name?

Well, there are plenty of reasons you would want to change mac name. The default name is sometimes Macbook, and if you are going to use AirDrop or other file sharing apps and there are many other macs available there then how would you find whom to send? If you had a unique name then you can find it easily.

Sometime’s the name of the macbook is on the name of previous owner, and you must change it to yours. If you have many computers, then you must give them different names to identify each of them on a netwrok.

How to Change the name of your mac?

  1. Click on the Apple Logo in the upper left corner of the desktop on your macbook.
  2. Click on System Preferences.
System Preferences

3. Search for Sharing and Click on it.

sharing icon

4. You will find a box as Computer Name: , where your computer name is written.

macbook name

5. Change the name to anything you want. This will be your new mac name.

edit macbook name

These were the easy steps to change macbook name. If you got any issue following this tutorial then feel free to comment your issue. We will reply with the fix.

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