How to Change Your iPhone & iPad Name

Your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch has a name. Yes you read it correct, it has a name. That name is used to identify your iDevice on different networks. Like when you connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes, it shows the name of your iPhone there. Whenever you share or receive files using AirDrop, there you can see your iPhone name while connecting with AirDrop. When you share hotspot with others, they can find your iPhone name as available hotspot and connect to it. You can rename your iPhone & iPad name anytime you want. It is kinda fun to change iPhone name and make it a unique one or funny. Check this 400+ Funny iPhone Names

change your iPhone name

Change your iPhone name using these Simple Steps

  1. Open Settings App on your iPhone (or iPad if you are going to change iPad name).
settings app

2. Tap on General. And then tap on About.

iphone settings general
about in settings

3. Tap on the first option “Name”.

change your iphone name

4. Write the new name and save it.

rename your iphone

5. The changes take place instantly, and you can see the new Name of your iPhone.

iphone new name


You can change name of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using these 5 easy steps. The changes are instant.

Can i rename my iPhone?

Yes you can rename your iPhone using these 5 simple steps.

Is it possible to change the name of my hotspot on iphone?

Yes, the name of your iPhone is actually the name of your hotspot. Once you rename your iPhone, it also changes your hotspot name.

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