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How to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad on IOS 12

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is actually a process in which IOS is modified to remove restrictions imposed by apple. After Jailbreaking your iPhone, you can install unsigned apps, tweaks, themes, and templates. Jailbreaking actually installs a third-party package installer to your iPhone or iPad. This package installer is “Cydia” mostly. Cydia gives you access to thousands of modded games, apps, tweaks, and themes. With the help of tweaks, you can Change icons, lock screen, menus, status bar, and complete look of your IOS device. With apple’s official stock IOS, it is not possible to modify the look of your iPhone.

There are plenty of tweaks and apps which are not allowed on the Apple App Store because they do not meet apple’s default requirements. So, Cydia is the store that gives you access to all those unofficial tweaks and apps. This is the main reason why one jailbreaks his IOS device. I will guide you completely on how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad below.

How to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad:

So before you start, I must tell you which IOS versions are currently supported for jailbreak. For now, only IOS 12 – IOS 12.2 and IOS 12.4 are supported with the latest jailbreak tools. IOS 12.3 is not supported at the moment. Jailbreak for IOS 13 is expected to be released soon. This will include a jailbreak for A12-A13 devices, including iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. We will update you as soon as the jailbreak is out.

The recently used tools for Jailbreaking IOS 12 are unc0ver and Chimera. In this article, we are going to use unc0ver for Jailbreaking an iPhone X on IOS 12.2. The same method is also used and tested by us on IOS 12.4. No Pc or Macbook needed for this process. We will jailbreak it directly by using the Safari browser and unc0ver IOS app. Here is step by step guide with Pics.


  • Open “” on your device, in the Safari browser.
  • Click on “Download OTA (By Ignition)”. It will start downloading the unc0ver app on your device.
jailbreak your iphone
  • Once installed, open the unc0ver app. it will give you a warning that the source of this app is not yet trusted on this iPhone. Fix it by going to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management -> China Telecom Corporation Limited. Click on “Trust”. Now you can open the unc0ver app.
unc0ver jailbreak app
Untrusted Enterprise Developer
  • Click on “Jailbreak”. It will start jailbreaking your iPhone. After Process 9/31, your device will be rebooted. Do not worry, Open the app again and click on “Jailbreak” again.
Jailbreak your iPhone
  1. The Jailbreak process will be completed in a few seconds and a pop will be shown saying “Jailbreak Completed”. And your device will reboot again.

That’s it. You have successfully jailbreak your iPhone. Now you can see the Cydia app on your home screen. Open it and browse thousands of themes and tweaks. You can add new repos in Cydia for downloading new apps and tweaks. Here is a complete guide on how to add new repos in Cydia.

Is there any chance of bricking your iPhone?

There are no chances that your iPhone may brick during jailbreak unless you use untrusted sources to jailbreak your iPhone. There were a few reports of bricking an iPhone but those were only in the early stages of jailbreak releases, probably a few years ago. Now the worst thing that may occur is in resulting your iPhone unresponsive or black screen. You can simply fix this by doing a hard reset or restoring your iPhone through iTunes.

Is it illegal to Jailbreak your iPhone?

Once you buy an iPhone or iPad, then you have the complete right to do whatever you wanna do. So, we cannot say that it is an illegal process. But once you jailbreak your iPhone then apple voids your warranty. You won’t be eligible anymore for Apple Support and Repairs. But once you restore your iPhone, any trace of a jailbreak will be gone. It will have a fresh OS installed again, and you will be able to claim for Apple warranty.

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