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How to Restore your iPhone or iPad using iTunes.

If you want to repair any damages made to your IOS device by unauthorized applications, or you find serious software issues and want to reset your iPhone to its factory settings. Then this article will guide you step by step on how to reset or restore your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. In order to remove the Jailbreak and Cydia app from your device, restore it. Restoring your device removes all unauthorized apps and tweaks and makes it a fresh iPhone again.

Restore iPhone or iPad using iTunes.


1- Backup your iPhone.

Before restoring your iPhone, make sure you backup your data. Because restoring your device will erase all contents and settings from your device. But if you don’t care about your data and want to erase everything then you can go to step 2 directly.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to PC or macbook and open iTunes.
  • Click on the Phone icon and then click on Back Up Now. Make sure you check “This Computer”. So the backup will be saved in your computer. If you chose “iCloud”, then the backup will be stored on iCloud.
Backup your iPhone
Backup Your iPhone
  • If you want your backup to be encrypted, then you can also check “Encrypt iPhone backup.” It will ask you to enter a password and the backup will be encrypted now.
  • It will take a few minutes to backup everything.

2- Turn FindMyiPhone OFF.

If FindMyiPhone is turned ON, then iTunes will not restore your device. It will ask you to turn FMI OFF first to proceed. You can turn off FMI through these steps.

Turn Find My iPhone Off
  • On your iPhone or iPad, Open Settings and tap on your Name.
Turn fmi off
  • Now tap on iCloud and scroll down to Find My iPhone.
  • Click on Find My iPhone and turn it OFF.
  • It will ask you for your apple id and password. Write both and click on “Turn Off”.

Find My iPhone is turned off successfully. Now you can proceed to step 3 and restore your iPhone or iPad using iTunes.

If you are going to restore your iPhone just to remove Cydia and Jailbreak tweaks from your iPhone, then you do this easily without restoring your iPhone by using this method. How to remove jailbreak from your iPhone or iPad? This guide is only for IOS 12 users who have jailbroken their devices using unc0ver or Chimera app.

3- Restore your iPhone or iPad.

After creating the backup and turning off Find My iPhone you can restore your device finally.

  • Click on Restore iPhone. It will ask you to download the latest IOS version if it’s not downloaded already.
Restore iPhone
  • After download, the restore process will start.
  • It will take a few minutes to wipe your device completely and install the new version.
  • Your iPhone will reboot a few times during restore.

Finally you can see your iPhone is restored and updated to latest version. You can Activate it and finally restore the backup you had created previously in step 1. With the help of same steps you can restore any iPhone, iPad, or iWatch.

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