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How to See Wifi Password on Mac | Guide with Pictures

If you have forgot your wifi password for some reason and now want to connect more devices to your network. What will you do? Reset your Access Point? But that may also reset the settings done by the internet provider and you may face more problems. So What is the best solution? Do not worry. If you have connected your mac to that wifi, then you can find the stored wifi password in your mac easily. There are many ways to do so, here i am going to list 2 easy methods which will help you see the stored password easily.

Keychain Access

Keychain Access is a app on your mac that stores the passwords and other account informations. You don’t need to remember all password for all the apps, websites or wifi network. The Keychain Access Stores the username and passwords and you can retrieve it securely whenever you want.

Find Wifi Password Through Keychain Access

Whenever you connect to a wifi network, the password is securely stored in Keychain Access. You will need to write Administrator password to retrieve the passwords. Here is a complete guide how to retrieve wifi password:

  • Open Keychain Access app. [ find it in Applications folder or Click on Launchpad and search for “Keychain Access” ]
  • On App window, Click on System and then Click on Passwords. You can find Passwords tab under categories
Keychain Access
Keychain Access app
Keychain access
  • Now double click on the Wifi Network name for which you want to see the password. In my case it was “Wifi Connection”
  • Tick Show Password box.
show wifi password
  • It will ask you to write Administrator Password of your mac. Write that and Click OK.
find wifi password on mac
  • Another box will be shown which will ask you to write username and password of Administrator account. Write it once again and click Allow.
username and password
  • Finally the Password will be shown. You can find it easily Next to Show Password label.
how to see wifi password on mac

You can use above steps in almost all newer version of the Mac OSx. There is another and easy way as well to find and see the saved wifi password.

See Wifi Password Using Terminal

You can use a few specific command in terminal app and can see the saved wifi password. Terminal is built in app in Mac OS that gives you a lot of functionalities if you know specific terminal commands. Follow the steps below to get wifi password on mac.

  • Open Terminal App. [ Find it in Applications folder or open it through Launchpad].
Mac terminal
  • Once opened, write down the following command and press enter. Make sure to replace the “WifiName” with your own wifi name. In my case i am using “iPhone” as wifi name.
security find-generic-password -ga WifiName | grep "password:"
see wifi password on mac using terminal
  • After you press enter, the mac will ask you to write administrator username and password. Write down both and click Allow.
terminal authentication
  • You can see the password finally at the bottom of terminal window.
wifi password on mac terminal

Hope this guide helped you finding the password of your wifi.



The wifi password on mac is stored in keychain and you can easily access it by mentioned methods. It is easy to retrieve the stored password in mac.

Is it possible to see the wifi password on mac?

Yes! you can find the stored password easily using keychain access and terminal app.

Is keychain Access a secure app to store passwords?

As long as you setup a strong Administrator password on your mac, the keychain remains completely secured app to store your passwords and helps you access it anytime even if you forgot it.

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