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Best iOS Emulators for Android | Download & Install

iOS is Apple iPhone operating system that is only available for iPhone. But if you want to run iOS apps to your Android phone directly, then you can’t because android devices do not support those file extensions. Therefore, there are iOS emulators available for android devices to run and play iOS apps and games on android devices.


An ios emulator is software that enables android devices to execute the ios file extension. You can run install these emulators from the internet. These emulators are developed by third-party software companies. In this article, I listed the top 5 iOS emulators for android devices.

Top 5 iOS emulators for Android Devices



This is the most popular iOS emulator that supports built-in Siri. The only emulator with Siri support. You can play iOS apps like Camera, Safari, and iOS games. But remember one thing theses are 3rd party software so they cannot support all functions of the iPhone . Some pros and cons of this emulator are the following.


  • This emulator is being updated consistently by the developers.
  • Supports In-built Siri.
  • It is available for free.
  • No virus or malware.
  • It’s fully optimized.
  • You can download paid iOS apps for free.


  • It does not support all iOS applications.
  • As it is free, so you will see ads.

Download: All in one emulator for android

2.     iEmu Emulator for Android

 iEmu Emulator for android

iEmu is one of the most popular iOS emulators. It provides good quality graphics with support of almost all applications on android. But as it is also a third-party app, so it has some advantages and disadvantages that are listed below.

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  • Good User interface.
  • It is available for free.
  • No need for a rooted android device.
  • You can also upload zip files.
  • Fully optimized.
  • Easy to use.


  • Updates are not promised.
  • As it is 3rd party app, so may not support all functionalities.

Download: iEmu emulator for android

3.     CIDER iOS Emulator for Android Devices

CIDER ios Emulator

To play fast and smooth apps, you must try the CIDEFR emulator. It has fantastic features with almost all iOS games and apps support. This emulator is free from any lag or glitch. It is not available for all android devices and Operating Systems. It also has Pros and Cons.


  • Fast  and easy to use
  • Available for free
  • You can feel iOS user interface
  • Requires Android Version 2.3.5 or higher


  • It does not support all Android Devices.
  • Requires minimum 1GB Ram.
  • Shows ads

Download: CIDER emulator for android

4.     IOS EMUS [Emulator for Android]

 IOS EMUS for android

EMUS is another amazing emulator with high-quality graphic support. You can play your favorite iOS games on android phones. IOS EMUS supports all the features like other emulators.


  • Freely available for android platform
  • Fully optimized
  • No need to root your phone.
  • Runs almost every iOS app
  • Requires Android version 4.0 or higher.


  • It shows ads.
  • Updates are not promised.

Download: IOS emulator for android

5.     Apptize Emulator for Android devices

Apptize Emulator

Apptize is a website that enables you to play IOS apps and games. There is no need for installing the app. You just have to visit the site from your web browser.


  • No need for installation
  • It’s Free
  • Every device is supported


  • Internet connection is required.
  • Lag if internet is slow.

 Visit Apptize emulator for android.

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