Julioverne repo: New HackyouriPhone repo & Julio repo

Julioverne repo is created by one of the famous tweak developer @iJulioVerne. He is also known as his tweaks because every time iPhone users can use paid tweaks freely with the repo. Recently juilo repo tweeted that the official hackyouriphone repo is available on his new hackyouriphone repo. So Cydia users can use both of his awesome repos to get all latest and paid tweaks.

Julioverne hackyouriphone repo:

The new hackyouriphone repo by julio is available and can be added to cydia sources using this source:

Julio hackyouriphone repo source:

Julioverne repo Source:

Julioverne repo

If you want to add this repo in your Cydia then add source in your Cydia.

Here is guide How to add a new repo in cydia.


  • Tweaks
  • Development
  • Addons (Flipswitch)
  • Utilities
  • Multimedia
  • Networking
  • Themes

Latest updates

Following packages are added in latest update

  • SSL Kill Switch 2 (iOS 13) v0.14c
  • TWSlideToBlock v0.0~beta1
  • KeySwipe (iOS 11) v1.0.2-3b
  • MusiLyric v0.5~beta8b
  • MImport v0.0~beta38

Also read icleaner Pro repo and kiiimo repo.

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