Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC and macOSx

Although there is a gaming console of Nintendo 3ds available to play Nintendo games but still some people wants to play Nintendo 3ds games on their pc. If you are looking for a Nintendo 3ds emulator to download for your pc, then you came to the perfect place.

What is Nintendo 3DS?

 Nintendo 3DS

First of all, you must have knowledge about the Nintendo 3ds. So let’s start from the past. Nintendo 3ds is a gaming console developed by Nintendo Red Company in 2011. It is a handheld controller with a built-in camera, d-pad, face pad, buttons and microphone. 3ds has fantastic graphics. There are various games available for 3ds. The most famous game of 3ds is Super Mario cart 6. Nintendo is still supporting this gaming console.

Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC and Mac

You can play  your favorite 3ds games on your pc nad mac.For this you must doenload one of following emulator on your pc with the game rom.

So let’s begin.

1.     Citra Emulator for PC and Mac

Citra Emulator for PC and Mac

Citra is the first 3ds emulator developed by Citra team. It’s an open-source emulator that was developed in 2014. You can play smooth and fast games on your pc without any lag. It supports many 3ds games like pokemon, super Mario and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3d with many more. Citra is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android platforms.

Citra requirements for PC(windows)

  1. Windows 8 or 10
  2. graphics card that supports OpenGL 3.3
  3. 64-bit OS
  4. 6gb Ram

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Download links

2.     RetroArch


RetroAech is a powerful emulator available for Windows, Mac, and as well as android, ios and other smartphone OS. It is compatible with both Nintendo and PlayStation.

Download RetroAch

3.     R4 3DS Emulator

 R4 3DS Emulator

This emulator is available for PCs to play your favorite games.R4 3ds emulator supports many Nintendo games, but you cannot play the modern games. This emulator has awesome features and excellent graphics for 3d games.

Download R4 3DS Emulator for Pc

4.     NO$GBA

NO$GBA 3ds emulator

NO$GBA emulator is very popular for windows. You can enjoy the features as a3ds console, but you have to pay for the emulator. As this emulator is not free.

Download No$GBA Latest Gaming Version 2.9b.

5.     DeSmuMe

DeSmuMe 3ds emulator for pc

DeSmuMe is the first 32-bit 3ds emulator available for PCs. You can play many Nintendo games on DeSmuMe. This is always supported by its developer’s team. Developers always update the app and remove bugs and errors to provide a better experience.

To download DeSmuMe for windows visit:

Which is the best 3ds emulator for Pc?

Citra is the best 3ds emulator for Pc and mac. You can play all Nintendo games even modern games.

Also rea:

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