Open Program on Second Monitor Windows 10

Sometimes you need to use more than one monitor or LCD screen on a single CPU with Windows 10. Especially when you are a software developer or gamer. You need many screens to test and see the programs. So you can easily set up to open program on second monitor in windows 10. In this article, I have covered this topic completely. You can use laptops as well as desktop to mirror screens with different programs.

But be sure to have working Monitors and LCDs. Also, you must have a VGA, DVI or HDMI cables to connect the monitor with the main CPU.

So let’s begin.

How to set up multiple monitors on Windows 10

  • Open Settings.
windows 10 setting
  • After this click on System.
  • Then click on Display.
  • Now you can add multiples monitors.
  • Here we have two screens.
  • You can set one screen as the main display by clicking on “Make this my main display”.
Make this my main display
  • To check if both Screens are working well click on “Identity”.

How to run an App on a specific monitor on Windows 10

  • Open a program in your main monitor.
  • Select that program and drag the cursor to the right side.
main monitor
  • Here you are in your second Screen. Drop the program there.
  • Now you can switch back to the main screen by moving the cursor to the left side.
main screen
  • You can also open any other program on the main screen.


You can easily set up this without the use of any third-party apps or software. With the help of this guide, you can easily open programs on the second monitor in Windows 10. There are also some other options like setting the resolution and scale of displays. That you can find at the bottom.

If you face any problem then check your cables or restart your computer. If still you may face then comment your problem I will try to solve.

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