How to promote your YouTube video – 10 secrets

YouTube has become one of the largest digital earning platforms in the world. Everyone today is striving to create their own YouTube channel and promote their videos. But promoting videos on YouTube is not an easy job. There is a lot of competition on YouTube, and if you want to get your videos on the top, you need to follow secret tips from experts.

In this article, we will tell you all about how to promote your YouTube videos with ten simple secrets.

secrets to promote youtube videos

10 Secrets that would help you promote your YouTube videos!

Here are some expert tips that will help you promote your videos and get on higher search results. The more you promote your videos, the more views you will get. This is a result, is going to help you earn tons of money.

Create videos on a single niche

The best way to promote your videos and gain traffic is by focusing on a single niche. Building videos on a single keyword will help you target a lot of traffic and grow your audience. Just like Google saves and ranks keywords according to their search volume YouTube also uses the same procedure. You have to look for the most searched keywords by using the best keyword finder tools. You must do keyword research before you create videos to help you construct information based on that specific keyword.

Recreate existing videos

The best way to grow and promote your YouTube channel is by building good quality and exciting content. Now not all of this content has to be created based on scratch research. You can also make engaging video content by using already published videos that are related to your niche. For instance, if your channel is about how-to-guides, you can easily take ideas, references, information, and important data from already published videos on YouTube. Of course, you need to revamp them and create them in your theme.

Engage with your target audience

YouTube is not a search engine where you can find your favorite videos. Still, it is also a social interaction platform. So you need to engage with your target audience if you want to promote your content. You can connect with your audience in the comments section quite easily.

Get branded – Have a proper channel

To promote your videos on YouTube, you should have a proper channel. You have to get a proper logo for your channel and name it according to your brand’s niche. The name and the logo are very important in branding. The right branding elements can help you promote your video clips like a pro, and the cheap ones can increase the bounce rate of your channel even if you have good quality clips.

Share your videos on other social channels

Another important tip that can help you promote your videos is to share them on other social channels. Sharing teasers or short clips of your YouTube videos on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms can help you drive more traffic and ineffective promotions.

Create the best thumbnails

Thumbnail for youtube videos is important as air is important for us to survive. Without a great thumbnail, there is no way that you can promote your clips. This is why we would suggest you use youtube thumbnail maker applications to post thumbnails on your videos. In the past, creating thumbnails was impossible as it required design skills and expertise. Still, today, things have become advanced, all thanks to the modern thumbnail maker apps. You can find free thumbnail make apps quite easily on the Android Playstore.

Keep pushing for subscriptions

The best way to promote your YouTube channel and clips is by getting more subscriptions. You have to keep on pushing for more subscriptions on every video that you publish. Now you must never pay for subscribers as they are not going to bring you any value. Go for organic traffic and subscriptions.

Keep the same thumbnail theme

In the branding of a YouTube channel, you have to create the best thumbnails that are well aligned to the theme and nature of your brand. You can create standardized thumbnails with an online thumbnail maker application. Branded thumbnails are going to help you promote your video clips in a very effective manner.

Create high-quality videos

The only way you can win the interest of the viewers is by providing them good quality clips. If you are publishing low-quality video clips, you will face repulsion from your target audience. So always ensure you are building value and good quality videos.

Give shout outs and encourage contests

Another way to promote your video clips on YouTube is by offering certain short outs to your audience. This would engage them in your channel and would also help you in getting more subscriptions.

These are some of the expert secrets for promoting YouTube videos!

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