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Cydia Tweaks: Top 20 Cydia tweaks for iOS 12 & iOS 13


You jailbreak your iPhone to install awesome tweaks and themes made by jailbreak community members. If you have jailbreak your iPhone recently and really don’t know which tweaks you should install, then you are at the right place. Here I will tell you the top 20 Cydia Tweaks which every jailbreak iDevice user might be using.

To use any of the tweaks listed below, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone first. If you really don’t know how to jailbreak your iPhone then please you can follow this step by step guide. How to Jailbreak your iPhone?

Top 20 Cydia Tweaks:

1- AppSync Unified Tweak

AppSync Unified lets you install unsigned IPA files to your iDevice. If you have download IPA file from an external source (not AppStore) then you can install it in your jailbroken iPhone if you have installed Appsync Unified already. There will be no 7 day-certificate expiration issue in your device and you will be apple to use the app as long as you wanted.

AppSync Unified Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

2- Filza File Manager Tweak

The second best tweak in my top Cydia Tweaks list is Filza. Filza gives you access to the File System of your iPhone. You can browse folders and directories of the apps. games or other tweaks with the help of Filza and can modify any file you wanted.

Filza File Manager Top Cydia Tweak

3- iCleaner Pro Tweak

iCleaner Pro is one of the best Cydia Tweak for your device. It lets you clean junk files, cache, unused languages, voice controls, etc and free ups storage. If you are running out of storage then you must install this tweak.

iCleaner Pro Top Cydia Tweak

  • Cydia Source/Repo:

If you don’t know how to add a new repo in Cydia, then here is a step by step guide to add and update the new repo in Cydia. How to add new repo/source in Cydia?

4- SnowBoard Tweak

SnowBoard is the powerful theme engine for your iDevice to change the complete look and feel of your device through different themes. You can change notifications badge, home screen icons, hide labels, change battery indicator style and a lot more.

SnowBoard Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

5- Callbar XS Tweak

One of the best Cydia Tweaks is Callbar XS. It lets you replace the full-screen call interface with a small notification banner type interface. Callbar XS is a paid tweak at the moment.

Callbar XS Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

6- Audirecorder XS Tweak

Audiorecorder XS tweak lets you record phone calls on your iPhone. You can also use it to record system audio and voice memos.

Audiorecorder Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

7- Manta Tweak

Manta is a lock screen tweak that lets you change the look of your lock screen. You can show weather along with time on the lock screen. You can also change the position and size of the tie widget.

Manta Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

8- Safari Plus Tweak

Safari Plus adds enhanced and missing features to the Safari browser. Some of the features are Uploading, Downloading, security improvements, and a lot more features. Supports iOS 8 to iOS 13.

Safari Plus Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

9- KillX Tweak

KillX is a very useful Cydia Tweak. It gives you the option to close all apps at once from the app switcher menu. Currently, it is compatible with iOS 11 to iOS 12.4 only.

KillX pro Top Cydia Tweak

Cydia Source/Repo:

Find a list of top, free and paid Cydia sources. Best Cydia Sources and Repos for iOS 12 & iOS 13

10- Cylinder Tweak

Cylinder adds animations and effects to the icon on your home screen. It also adds animated effects as you scroll through home screen icons. Cylinder is compatible with iOS 4 to iOS 13.

Cylinder Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

11- Chargeanimations Tweak

This Cydia tweak adds animations and effects to screen when you charge your iPhone. It has different backgrounds that you can change from tweak settings. It is fully compatible with iOS 11 to iOS 12.

ChargeAnimations Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

12- Sleepizy Tweak

Sleepizy allows you to set a timer to stop the music in popular apps including music, youtube, Soundcloud, etc. It is fully compatible with iOS 11 to iOS 12.

Sleepizy Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

13- HidestatusbaritemsPro Tweak

HidestatusbaritemsPro is a jailbreak tweak that gives you the option to hide status bar items. You can hide any icon or text from the status bar of your iPhone.

HideStatusBarItemsPro Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

14- Carrierizer Tweak

Carrierizer tweak lets you change the text of carrier on the status bar. You can change the carrier text with anything you want. You can even add emojis in place of the carrier.

Carrierizer Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

15- Copypaste Tweak

Copypaste Tweak is the clipboard manager for your iPhone. It gives the option to check the history of copied items.

Copypaste Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

16- Powermodule Tweak

Powermodule Tweak adds a new module in the control center giving you the options to respring, reboot, shutdown, or enter safe mode. It adds toggle for all these options.

Powermodule Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

17- Asteroid Tweak

Asteroid Tweak allows you to display live animations of the weather on the home screen, lock screen and inside the weather app. It is compatible upto iOS 12.4.

  • Cydia Source/Repo:

18- Taille Tweak

Taille is a free jailbreak tweak that adds an option to show the total storage taken by any installed app in your device by using 3D touch (Haptic touch) gesture.

  • Cydia Source/Repo:

19- Moonshine Tweak

Moonshine tweak will add WatchOS charging animation style to your iOS device.

Moonshine Top Cydia Tweak
  • Cydia Source/Repo:

20- IconTweak

IconTweak is a free app that customizes 3D touch options for different apps. Like Open in a specific app, copy, rename, etc

  • Cydia Source/Repo:

These were the top 20 Cydia tweaks arranged by me. If you think there are other awesome tweaks too and should be on the list then please let us know in the comment section. Read: Top Cydia Sources & Repos for iOS 12 & iOS 13.

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