Where is the Search Box in Windows 10

Windows is one of the most used operating system in the world. It is famous for its most user-friendly environment. Where you can find programs and apps easily by the search box. That is available in Windows 10 also. But if you newly migrated to windows 10 and you do not find that. Or sometime you may face it’s disappeared and you are wondering where is the search box in windows 10?

Then don’t be worry because in this article I mentioned all ways to find and enable search box.

Search Box in Windows 10

By default, you can find the search box from the taskbar near the start button in Windows 10.

Search Box in Windows 10

If you cannot find from them then you have to unable this by default.

  • Right-click on the taskbar.

  • Click on Search.

  • Then click on Show Search Icon.

You can also access the search box by Shortcut keys.

  • Press Windows + S.
  • Search Box will be open.


  • Press Windows + X
  • Then click on the search.
search box with shortcut key
  • Here is the search box.

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Sometimes you want to access the windows features fast and easily without looking where they are. So you can easily access them with the help of the search box. Just type the name like I’m looking for setting, so I typed that in search and quickly windows open that. We can say its most important feature by Microsoft in windows.

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