Yourphone.exe Windows 10

Your Phone is a built-in app that you can find in Windows 10. When you see that, then don’t be worry because it’s not harmful for your system or phone. In this article I have covered this topic with details, so read.

What is Yourphone.exe Windows 10

This is an app in windows 10 to connect your Android and iPhone devices to windows. With the help of Your Phone app, you can get notification of your android or iPhone to windows. It is a legit app that is used to sync your phone’s photos and messages and attend calls from a computer. You can also mirror the screen of some android devices to the PC.

Be sure to have the same Microsoft accounts on both sides (PC and Phone). This app is developed by Microsoft and don’t be worry about this. To make communication connected this app needs to run in the background process. If you want then you can stop the process.

Set up Your Phone app in Windows 10

  • Go to Windows Settings.
  • Click on Phone.
  • Click on Add a Phone button.
  • Your Phone App will be launch.
  • Now select your device Android or iPhone.
select your device Android or iPhone
  • A link will be sent to Your Phone Companion App on your phone (You can download the app from app stores).
  • Be sure to have same accounts on the phone and PC.

Now you have successfully connected the app with your phone. The second step is to set manage notifications. Read the following guide:

Manage notifications, images, and SMS

You can manage the configuration from Your Phone app located on your PC.

You can see Photos, Messages and Notifications.

  • Photos is used to transfer photos between mobile and PC. If you want to transfer then be sure to set it on.
  • Messages is used to alert you whenever you received a new message. If your Messages are important then don’t forget to set it on.
  • Notifications is by default off but you can enable it. It notifies you from the apps that you have installed on your device. You can set the notifications of unnecessary apps to off.

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How to Disable YourPhone.exe Windows 10 from Running in the Background

Follow the guide:

  • Go to Setting from Start menu or search in search box.
  • Then click on Privacy.
  • Go to Background Apps.
  • Scroll Down you will find Your Phone app.
  • Turn the toggle to off.
toggle to off

How to Remove Your Phone app from Windows 10

You can permanently delete Your Phone app for windows 10 by going to PowerShell. You can open PowerShell from the Start menu by right-clicking. Then select “Windows PowerShell (Administrator)”.

Enter the command and press enter:

“Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage”

Now you got rid of Your Phone App.

Is YourPhone.exe Process a Virus?

No, not at all. It’s not a virus or a harmful app. Just a legit app to keep you connected with your phone. As I mentioned all about the app so now you can judge what is this? And what is the use of this app?


Finally, we can say it’s a very helpful app of Microsoft for the Windows platform. Sometimes we are too busy and we even cannot be able to use our phone. IN case we may miss our important messages or calls. So with the help of Yourphone.exe windows 10, we can make contact with phone.

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