GBA Emulator for 3ds

If you have a Nintendo 3ds console but you want to play GBA games on that console then you came at a perfect place. Because now it is possible to play GBA games on a 3ds console. Just read the following ways then you might be able to convert your 3ds into GBA.

How to play GBA games on 3ds

There are two ways to play GBA games on 3ds.

  1. With the help of an emulator
  2. With the help of 3ds GBA injection

We have discussed both ways in below. So you can use on of them.

Best GBA Emulator for 3ds

GBA Emulator for 3ds

There are several ways to play GBA games if you are looking for an emulator then mGBA is the best choice. This is an open-source emulator. mGBA is also available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. But you can also use this on 3ds.

How to install mGBA on 3ds

You can install in following way:

  1. First download mGBA launcher for your 3ds from (
  2. Then download the mGBA file for 3ds from (
  3. Now install mGBa file using ftBrony in homebrew 3ds.
  4. Make a folder ad name that GBA.
  5. Put your ROMs in that folder.
  6. Now select any ROM and start playing.

3ds GBA injection

With the help of 3ds GBA injector we turns GBA file in 3ds format. Follow these steps for injection.

  1. Download injector
  2. Open injector on your PC.
  3. Select GBA ROM.
  4. Click on next step(icon and name)
  5. Now click on next step (3d banner)
  6. Then click on the next step( VC parameter)
  7. Now click on finish.
  8. Your ROM has been successfully injected in 3ds.

Disadvantages of 3ds GBA injection

  • There is no save state or load state like an emulator.
  • Some game doesn’t work well.
  • There is no sleep mode.
  • Screen issues in some games.

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