GBA Emulator for PSP

PSP is a handled console developed by Sony. There are many games available for PSP but sometimes we want to play some other console games. For this purpose, there are many emulators available. If you want to play GBA games on a PSP console then there are also many GBA emulators. That can make your work easy.

Best GBA Emulators for PSP

GBA Emulator for PSP

Here are some top rated GBA emulator that you can download from below links.

How to put GBA emulator on PSP

Here is a guide to install GBA emulator on PSP.

  1. Turn off PSP.
  2. Remove Battery and Memory Stick.
  3. Now insert Magic memory stick and Pandora battery.
  4. To install custom firmware press X buttons twice.
  5. After the installation complete again press the X button.
  6. Wait until the PSP shuts down.
  7. Now insert normal battery and memory stick.
  8. Connect your PSP with PC through USB cable.
  9. It will go in USB mode automatically.
  10. It will open windows having files and folders on memory stick.
  11. Download any GBA emulator (You can download from the above links) and copy the file.
  12. Go to the PSP memory stick and open the PSP folder.
  13. Inside the PSP folder, you will see a game folder.
  14. Paste the copied (emulator) files there.
  15. This will install emulator.
  16. Press the o button on PSP to safely remove from PC.
  17. On your pc now you can see the installed emulator.

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